3D Printing Concept Models

3D Printing Concept Models

Visualize your concepts quickly and affordably

From the initial spark to a 3D printed model can take a matter of hours. Seeing it there in front of you communicates the idea in a way a CAD drawing never could. Then you can test it and tweak it again and again. This is how concepting should be.
Presentation models | Custom Displays | Product Mock-ups | Art and architectural models

Why choose a Fabcon for Concept Models?
• You’re able to clearly communicate an idea when you have a close representation of the final product.
• You can let the 3D printer do the model making for you, one or twenty times – whatever you need
• It shrinks the development process from months to just days
• You have the freedom to create difficult geometries you’re normally unable to make
• It’s environmentally friendly using 90% of the raw material creating next to no waste at all

Get to market rapidly

Fast, efficient and accurate – such attributes are helping designers refine their ideas quicker and arriving at the final design sooner.

Refine ideas often

Hand-built models are a thing of the past. Now you can quickly create concept models at low cost, allowing you to improve your original idea.

Labour-free models

It’s time to forget the days of hand-made models. By using a FABCON, you can concentrate on the final concept rather than building models.