3D Printing Functional prototypes

3D Printing Functional prototypes

Save time and money by proving a design before production

By using an Ultimaker to create functional prototypes, you’re able to test form, fit and function again and again with an accurate representation of the final product or part. It’s a smart and cost-effective way to design.

Function and fit testing | Confirm manufacturability | Evaluate a design’s ergonomics and feel

Why choose a Fabcon for Functional Prototyping?

  • You can speed up your route to market, shrinking development from months to days
  • By testing an idea quickly, you’re able to refine it more often leading to better overall product
  • There’s nothing like holding a real version of your product
  • You can reduce risk by verifying design before tooling
  • You’re able to create functional prototypes of all shapes and sizes, whatever their complexity
  • It’s environmentally friendly using 90% of the raw material creating next to no waste at all

Design products rapidly

The amount of time to finalize a product is shrinking with 3D printing. This leaves room for improved designs and more innovation.

Instant function and fit testing

Thanks to 3D printing, it’s possible to touch your design in hours rather than weeks, so you can quickly test the market and get feedback too.

Confirm your design’s manufacturability

Now you can verify form, function and manufacturability early on. This helps you to catch costly mistakes far earlier in the development cycle.

Reach breakthroughs faster

With 3D printers prototypes are less costly and faster to produce – this leaves far more time for research breakthroughs.