3D Printing for Molds and casting

3D Printing for Molds and casting

Low volume production now made affordable

Being able to print prototypes out of the same material as the final production part is invaluable. By 3D printing patterns and/or molds, you won’t face the costs associated with traditional mold making. You’re also able to create one-off molds. Think of the difference that will make.

Custom 3D printed molds | Lost PLA casting | Silicone molds

Why choose an Fabcon for Molds and Casting?

  • You can shrink tool development from months to a matter of days
  • It’s easy to precisely customize and tweak every part at no extra cost
  • You’re able to create end-use parts of all shapes and sizes, whatever their complexity
  • It’s environmentally friendly using 90% of the raw material creating next to no waste at all


3D printed part to metal part

Siemens now turns a 3D printed component into a final product cast in 316 grade stainless steel in 1-2 weeks instead of 16, saving time and costs

Casting high quality jewellery

Paul creates prototypes of a ring on his Fabcon again and again until he’s happy. He then uses a mold to create the final ring.

Unique food molds

Using 3D printed shapes as master for food-safe molds, not only expands the shapes you can create, but you can also print one-off designs for clients.