3D Printing in Architecture

3D Printing in Architecture

3D Printing in Architecture

Quickly design and modify concept models in less time

With an Fabcon by your side everything becomes far more efficient. Within hours you’ll have a concept model in your hands – and at a fraction of the cost too. But why stop at one model? With 3D printing, you can let the creativity flow crafting many iterations until you’re satisfied.

Get through reviews faster | Urban planning | Reduce project timelines | Show several designs at once | Easily communicate your vision

Why choose a Fabcon in Architecture?

  • It eliminates ambiguity when holding a real-life model of the concept
  • Architects can test market potential, discuss ideas with potential buyers or raise capital from investors
  • Your Fabcon does all the hard work for you. Print one or twenty models, it’s up to you
  • Easily recreate textures, finishes and colors to create a new dimension
  • You can print complex shapes and geometries
  • It creates less waste, using up to 90% of the raw material

Early stage models

Why wait until the end to get feedback from the client? With 3D printing you can start discussions using concept models from day one.

Urban planning

Within hours you can 3D print an entire city, incorporating all your visionary thoughts and concepts for every inch of it.

Model variations

With 3D printing you can quickly print as many model variations as you like, it allows you to get to the final design quickly and affordably.

280 hectares in 3D

Sweco, the largest architectural and engineering consultancy in Europe, used 3D printing while creating a new urban area in Sri Lanka.