3D Printing in Art

3D Printing in Art

3D Printing in Art

Unleash your creativity push every boundary

By their very nature, artists are always looking for new ways to express themselves. With 3D printing, they’re crafting beautiful art that fuses both 3D modeling and traditional finishes. Who knows what they’ll create next.

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Why choose a Fabcon to create Art?

  • Recreating textures, finishes and colors add a whole new dimension
  • Complex and intricate geometry is now possible, unleashing a new wave of creative freedom
  • Experimentation is easy, as you can customize and tweak each part at no extra cost
  • It eliminates ambiguity when representing an idea

Unlimited possibilities

Dream up any type of complex, detailed geometry and your Fabcon will realize it with absolute precision, like the math models by Dizingof.


Material sculptures made by Pussykrew are 3D printed and then post-processed while creating a whole new art forms.

Bold material options

Filament development never stands still thus giving artists new finish and texture options to explore the unknown.

3D print a whole bike

Jonathan Brand is an artist from New York who created a life-size 3D printed 1972 Honda CB500 motorcycle. All with a 3D printer.

One gigantic egg project

Project Egg is an art piece made up of 4760 unique stones. Different people 3D printed each stone, once placed together the building was complete.

Petition to save elephants

Joris van Tubergen created a special 3D printing installation, flipping Ultimaker Originals upside down to 3D print revolutionary high 2.5 meter columns.