3D Printing in Fashion

3D Printing in Fashion

3D Printing in Fashion

Realize complex geometries and patterns with ease

3D printing is unleashing a whole new wave of fashion. Designers can accessorize outfits with jewelry, prototype new ideas such as 3D printed shoes, and even 3D print an entire collection, whatever the complexity.

Concept models | Functional prototypes | Small batch production | Tailor made items

Why choose a Fabcon in the fashion industry?

  • It’s easy to customize and tweak each design to fit your needs at no extra cost
  • There’s complete freedom to create any shape, even complex geometry
  • You can recreate textures, finishes and colors that add a whole new dimension
  • Designers can try an actual product and test its appeal
  • Products can be produced on demand rather than amassing huge inventories

Uniting two worlds

Fusing traditional materials with modern 3D printed elements creates clothing and fashion with a whole new edge.

Perfected design

With 3D scanning, it’s possible to create fashion that fits anyone perfectly. Shoes, glasses and clothing that adapt to you.

Precision fashion

Within hours, your design is in your hands. Touch it, review it, craft it and refine it to achieve precisely the finish you’re after.

Material options

If you can dream it up, you can realize it. With countless finishes and post-processing options available, your fashion will be one of a kind.

Fashion without limits

Feel like using in an exotic material into your final product? Thanks to Fabcon’s open source approach, you’re able to use any material type.

Dressed for revolution

XYZ Workshop made this complete dress with 3D printing using flexible PLA. It stole the show on many New York runways.

Prototype shoes by Julian Hakes

Designer Julian Hakes prototyped his Mojito Shoes using 3D printing. It led to awards and international acclaim for his amazing design.

Dutch Minister wears 3D printed shoes

Students at Eindhoven University designed and 3D printed shoes for the Dutch Minister of Education, created from a scan of her foot.