3D printing for DIY, hobbies and home

3D printing for DIY, hobbies and home

3D printing for DIY, hobbies and home

If you can think it you can make it

The maker movement is empowering people across the globe to make things for themselves. Functional things. Beautiful things. Or just plain funny things. That’s the joy of 3D printing – it’ll take you anywhere.

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Why choose a Fabcon for DIY, hobbies and home use?

  • You can personalize, customize and tweak any part of anything to fit your needs
  • It’s allows you to take an invention to an end-use part in a relatively short period
  • People can solve their own problems in the physical world
  • You can print whatever forms you wish, however complex
  • It’s environmentally friendly using 90% of the raw material creating next to no waste at all

Build your imagination

It’s time to take your model making to a whole new level. All you need is a little imagination and the sky’s the limit. What will you make?

3D printed Print+ headphones

The quality of 3D printing is now so high that businesses are already making 3D printed final products, like these Print+ headphones.

Make your own instruments

Fancy making your own instrument? Test it, play it, break it, print it again. Thanks to 3D printing, expensive instruments are a thing of the past.

Make your own models

With 3D printing shape, form and function is precisely as you’d like it to be. Not only that, but it’s more affordable and fun to create too.

Tiny size, big ambition

When you combine an Fabcon with creativity, anything’s possible. Like the world’s smallest drill. Just imagine what you could create with one.

3D printed baby mask

Necessity is the mother of invention, and when the time comes, your Fabcon 3D printer is ready to bring your ideas to life.