3D printing in Jewellery

3D printing in Jewellery

3D printing in Jewelry

Fusing traditional craft with cutting-edge innovation

The intricate nature of jewelry requires a keen eye for detail. And now many professional jewelers are embracing Fabcon 3D printers for testing concepts, casting and even finishing their craft.

Concept models | Fit testing | Casting | Low volume production


Why choose a Fabcon to craft Jewelry?

  • It’s easy to discuss a design with clients and fit test the design
  • Easily translate the client’s wishes into a 3D printed model you can touch
  • Testing ideas and fast iterations lets you discover what works and what doesn’t with no cost penalties
  • Recreating textures and finishes adds a new dimension
  • Verify designs before investing in expensive molding tools”


3D prints for fit testing

The perfect fit is essential. And with a 3D printer you can get customer feedback in moments and simply print different sizes at no extra cost. It’s that easy.

3D printed beauty

Jewelry realized with 3D printing takes on a whole new dimension. Use it as a main tool to manufacture tailor made, geometry defying jewelry.

Cast the final product

People are now using 3D printing alongside traditional craftsmanship, saving time and opening up new possibilities: like using it to cast the product.