3D Printing in Medicine

3D Printing in Medicine

3D Printing in Medicine

Improve quality of life with Fabcon 3D printing

In a field where breakthroughs save lives, Fabcon 3D printers are helping doctors, researchers and medical equipment manufacturers to iterate faster, test more thoroughly and personalize healthcare like never before.

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Why choose a Fabcon in medicine?

  • Doctors communicate more clearly with patients through tangible models
  • It’s assisting doctors to plan a surgery, lowering operation times and increasing patient recovery
  • Medical device innovation through rapid prototyping
  • Low-cost models are great as teaching aids
  • It’s possible to tailor parts to fit any unique requirement
  • 90% of the raw material is used resulting in less waste

Pre-plan surgeries to improve outcomes

3D printed models help to improve accuracy, lower operating times and give a better idea of structures in critical anatomical areas.

Clear communication with patients

Visual and tactile representations of the problem are helping doctors to explain difficult diagnosis in a clearer way to their patients.

Quickly validate designs

Medical products need to be up to the job. With 3D printing, iterative agile development helps you to hone it to perfection.

Real-life anatomical models

Complex geometries are easy for an Fabcon 3D printer, allowing your staff to affordably and quickly print as many models as necessary.

Turning scans into 3D models

At REshape innovation center they take 2D MRI and create 3D models. This is invaluable in helping patients to really understand their condition.

Affordable prosthetics

Thanks to e-NABLE, people are now able to affordably print their own assistive hand. This has an incredibly positive affect on so many lives.

3D MRI scans made physical

Thanks to 3D printing, MRI scans can be explained easier to those less familiar with them such as students, patients or industry outsiders.

3D printed eye care kit

Dr. Hong has created an accurate and inexpensive eye examination device, perfect for inaccessible areas, saving eyesight globally.