3D Printing in Primary Education

3D Printing in Primary Education

3D Printing in Primary Education

Next-gen printers for the next generation

3D printing is being used in many schools to create interactive, mechanical and technical lessons. This inspires young minds and makes learning more fun.

Build a 3D printer | Stimulate interaction | Create tangible aids | Hands on learning

Why choose a Fabcon in Primary Education?

  • Three dimensional visuals act as amazing learning aids to help explain difficult concepts to students
  • There’s nothing like a 3D brain or the like to grab the interest of students and help them to learn
  • 3D printing inspires hands on learning and is a natural complement too

Discover 3D printing

Why not create a Makerspace in your school? It’s a great source of motivation for kids to learn skills like teamwork, sharing and 3D printing.

Capture imagination

Introducing new technologies at an early age really fires up a kid’s imagination and inspires them to learn without limits. It’s also great fun.

 Motivate teamwork

There’s nothing like building an Fabcon Original+ 3D printer in class to encourage kids to interact with each other and learn as a group.

Make learning fun

When kids are learning and enjoying the process, not only does it increase their creativity, but their understanding of the subject too.