3D printing in Product Design

3D printing in Product Design

3D printing in Product Design

Design. Refine. Repeat. All without extra expense

By 3D printing functional prototypes, product designers can get feedback in the early design stages. This makes product development far more efficient. And designers have more time to do what they love – design.

Concept models | Functional testing | Custom parts | Limited production runs

Why choose a Fabcon in Product Design?

  • Within hours you have a real-life version of your product in hand to study and improve where necessary
  • Easily discuss designs and prototypes with peers
  • Design and redesign again and again without extra cost
  • Recreate textures, finishes and colors and customize every part exactly as you wish
  • Risk is reduced by testing a design before tool investment
  • Highly complex geometries and functional models are easily achieved, time after time

Streamlined product design

Thanks to 3D printing, manufacturing timelines are shrinking. Design to product timings are shorter, allowing for faster more refined innovations.

Real models, really fast

With 3D printing it’s possible to get a real-life model in a few hours instead of weeks. So you can do a fit test and get direct feedback from customers.

Proof before production

Now you can check the form, function and manufacturing viability early in the process. Saving you costly mistakes down the line.

Fresh business models

As 3D printing grows it becomes more and more accessible. Once everyone’s using it, the need for quality models will greatly increase.