3D printing in Secondary Education

3D printing in Secondary Education

3D printing in Secondary Education

Inspiring young minds about the future

There are unlimited ways that Fabcon 3D printers help teaching in secondary education. As a revolutionary teaching tool, to help students prototype, create end-use parts and learn hands on.

End-use parts | Stimulate interaction | Functional prototyping | Print tangible aids | Hands on learning

Why choose a Fabcon in 
Secondary Education?

  • CAD skills lead students to 3D design proficiency
  • Three-dimensional visuals act as amazing learning aids to help explain difficult concepts to students at all levels
  • 3D printing inspires hands on learning and is a natural complement too
  • It enhances problem solving as they have to correct flaws and reprint it to arrive as its final form
  • It introduces them to digital manufacturing and processes”

Higher level thinking for young students

At this age, students are surrounded by cutting edge technologies. But a 3D printer takes this to another level from prototyping to embracing open source innovation.

Everything’s possible with 3D printing

3D printing opens doors to kids they never even knew existed, such as making impossible shapes and cutting edge technologies from open source collaboration.

Encourage creative minds

With an Fabcon by their side, students can really let their imagination run freely, developing artistic skills and crafts. Who knows what they’ll create next.

Geometry lessons they’ll love

Explaining math and geometry concepts to students with a 3D printed object in hand, is more easy, rewarding and fun than from a textbook alone.